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Mould Inspections

Keltech provides mould inspection and mould testing services, including air, bulk, surface and swab sampling.  

Did you know

Moulds are naturally occurring and an essential part of our environment as they act as decomposers, breaking down dead organic material (such as leaves, wood and other plant debris) which they use as a food source. Mould spores are brought into indoor environments through ventilation systems, open windows or doors, or tracked in on footwear.  Therefore, mould is found in almost every indoor environment and a normal background population of mould spores on indoor surfaces and within indoor air should be expected.

Fungal proliferation in a building is dependent on an adequate supply of water.  When moisture accumulates more rapidly than the natural drying process, the ecology changes and favours the rapid reproduction of bacteria and fungi. The factors that determine the extent of microbial contamination typically depend on how often and how long the material is wetted and dried.