Analytical Services


Asbestos Air Analytical Services

Keltech offers asbestos air analytical testing services. Keltech's staff are NIOSH 582 certified to provide asbestos and other fiber air sample analyses by NIOSH 7400 (method "A" rules) by positive phase-contrast microscope (PCM).

Below is a link to Keltech's Air Sample Chain of Custody Form.   

Analyst Proficiency

Keltech is a member of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA) and is actively involved in CALA's quarterly asbestos proficiency-testing program.  CALA is a member of the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) 

Lead in Paint and Asbestos Bulk Sample Testing Services

 Given that laboratory results can/have a considerable influence or effect on public, occupant and worker, in particular related to health, environment, safety, and potential economic values, it is Keltech’s policy to use accredited and highly qualified third-party laboratories for suspect lead and asbestos-containing materials. This policy is also applied when taking measures to reduce the possibility of cheating or when crucial risks of wrong or manipulated results exist.  Third-party testing is expected to provide a non-biased neutral and objective view and thus greater confidence in the test results. 

Keltech works closely with highly qualified and accredited laboratory's for lead in paint and asbestos bulk sample testing.  Whether it is for a project or piece of mind, Keltech offers very competitive rates with analytical result turn around times to meet with your project requirements. 

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 Below is a link to Keltech's Sample Chain of Custody Form.    

Asbestos and Lead in Paint sample submittal

Keltech-Asbestos Bulk and Lead in Paint Sample CoC (2019) (pdf)


Asbestos Air Sample submittal

Keltech-Air Sample CoC (2019) (pdf)